40+ circular 3D stl animals plates cnc artcam plasma cut relief in 3d stl format – Download

42+ 3d stl animals round plates 42 pcs 3d stl format relief for cnc artcam plasma cut

40+ circular 3D stl animals plates cnc artcam plasma cut relief in 3d stl format – Download


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42+ pcs animal round plates 3d model STL format relief for cnc

These meticulously designed relief models are perfect for CNC routing, plasma cutting, or artistic projects. Download the STL format files and unleash your creativity!


  • Size: Circular plates for CNC machining
  • File Format: STL (Standard Tessellation Language)
  • Models Included: Wild pig, mooses, various birds, fishes, rat, liond, squirrel, wolves, bull, rabbits, bears, wild cat, swans and more.
  • Compatible Software: Artcam, Aspire, and other CNC programming software
  • Compatible Machines: CNC routers, milling machines, and plasma cutters
  • Compatible Materials: Suitable for various materials used in CNC machining
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for creating decorative plates, wall art, signage, and more

Use Cases:

  1. Home Decor: Create unique and eye-catching animal-themed wall art by machining the circular 3D STL animal plates. Hang them individually or arrange them in a captivating pattern to add a touch of personality to your living space.
  2. Signage and Plaques: Personalize your business or home with custom signage and plaques. Use the animal round plates to create distinctive and attention-grabbing signs for shops, offices, or even garden entrances.
  3. Furniture Embellishments: Transform plain furniture pieces into statement pieces by incorporating the 3D relief animal plates. Add them to tabletops, cabinet doors, or drawer fronts to infuse a touch of nature and artistry into your furniture.
  4. Crafts and Art Projects: Let your imagination run wild and incorporate the animal round plates into various craft and art projects. They can be used as decorative elements in mixed media art, jewelry making, or even as molds for casting projects.
  5. Educational Tools: These 3D animal plates can be utilized in educational settings to engage students in hands-on learning. They can be used as visual aids in biology classes, zoology exhibits, or even as puzzle pieces for interactive learning activities.
  6. Gift Making: Design and create personalized gifts for your loved ones using these animal-themed relief models. From custom keychains to intricate desk ornaments, the possibilities are endless for crafting heartfelt and unique presents.


Please note:

  • Before purchasing a model, ensure that your software supports the import of STL files.
  • Distribution of the models to third parties in any medium is prohibited.
  • This is a digital product, and no physical engraved product will be shipped. You will receive the STL files for immediate download.




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