440+ multipurpose 3D STL wall art panels for CNC routers – Download

435+ vector 3d stl religious high quality art models for cnc router printer artcam aspire

440+ multipurpose 3D STL wall art panels for CNC routers – Download


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Religious CNC Router VECTOR 3D STL

– 450 religious type stl files – Immediate email shipment – The files to be sent are detailed in the images – Size 56 x 70 x 6 mm

A wide range of STL files for use in CNC routers and 3D printers. You will save a lot of time by using these files.

Generally, the models included in this set of decor frames and stl wall art panels are related to this content:


  1. Christian Panels: with religious symbols or scenes from the Christian faith.
  2. Crosses: the crucifix,
  3. Religious Icons: including the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, and the saints.
  4. Biblical Scenes: such as the Nativity, the Last Supper, and the Crucifixion.
  5. Church Architecture: including bell towers, altars, and stained glass windows.
  6. Religious biblical Texts panels
  7. Religious Home Decor: such as wall hangings, candle holders, and figurines.
  8. Angels
  9. Nativity Scenes: the holy family, shepherds, and wise men.
  10. Mandala: a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  11. Saints: including St. Therese and many others
  12. The Last Judgment
  13. Horse Racing, jumping or galloping Panels
  14. Owl Wall Art: decorative owls, either on a branch or as standalone models.
  15. Floral Frames: intricate frames with floral motifs, such as roses, daisies, and sunflowers.
  16. Antique Mirror Frames: ornate mirror frames, reminiscent of antique and Victorian designs.
  17. Square Frames with decorative details.
  18. Antique Men Panels: portraits of men, in an antique style.
  19. Old Men Panels: elderly men, with wrinkles and characterful features like smiling, and sitting.
  20. Corbels, Columns and capitals: for architectural projects or decorations.
  21. Decorative Frames: with intricate designs, perfect for framing artwork or photographs.
  22. Siren Panels
  23. Fish panels: with fish designs inside the sea.
  24. Kitchen Food Panels: as fruits and vegetables on table and some cooking utensils.
  25. Birds like Swans Wall Art
  26. Salmon Fish: jumping out of water and swimming.
  27. Bull Wall Art: standing and running.
  28. Elephant Wall Art standing and walking.
  29. Bear Wall Art panels
  30. Lion and Zebra Hunting Panels
  31. Dog Wall Art panels
  32. Bears Hunting Salmons in Bay panel
  33. Serpent Wall Art: 3D STL files of decorative serpent designs, either coiled or in motion.
  34. Virgin Mary Panels
  35. Ship Wall Art: sailing or docked.
  36. Fairy Wall Art: whimsical and realistic style.


And many more panels related to christian religion, animals, furniture making, decoration frames. All the necessary to start creating high quality projects for your business.


The STL is a computer file format that allows you to scale the figure to your specifications.
The vast majority of the files have already been tested and machined.

There are over 450 models available (religious, landscapes, frames, paintings, decorative items, dragons, horses, etc.)
To generate the code g-code, these files are opened in various programs such as Vectric Aspire and Art Cam.




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Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed. Within the downloads section in your account and from the confirmation of purchase email sent to your registered email address




If you have any problem while downloading just send a message to [email protected] and will help you in case of any issue as soon as we can.





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