215+ 3d stl models home decor frames, furniture legs, balusters for cnc artcam 3d printer aspiration – Download

218 3d stl models furniture balluster legs and deco for home for cnc artcam 3d printer aspire

215+ 3d stl models home decor frames, furniture legs, balusters for cnc artcam 3d printer aspiration – Download


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This collection contains 224.STL files for CNC routers, 3D printers, and other similar devices.

100% STL Models for CNC Routers and 3D Printers

Compatible with Artcam, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d, and other software.


This set is made for home and furniture decor. When creating buildings, in the interior there is most of the times necesary to include corner decorations, ceiling lamp round decor frames and many other objects that will give a luxury look to the constructions. Add a touch of luxury with ceiling lamp round decor frames, and explore an array of captivating objects that breathe life into your creations.

This set is a micture of all of them for not looking anywhere else.

The models are set in different categories:

  1. Round Rossettes: Timeless circular accents that infuse elegance into any project.
  2. Corner Decor Frames: Transform corners into captivating focal points with our unique designs.
  3. Artistic Decor Panels: Delight in intricate animal motifs, including wild birds, fruits, kitchen table scenes, and captivating geometrical frames.
  4. Balusters, Legs, and Columns: Craft stunning decor and furniture pieces with our specially designed elements.
  5. Sunflower Rose Frames: Embrace the beauty of nature with these enchanting frames.
  6. Wall Decor Rectangle Frames: Combine artistic sculptures with rectangular frames to adorn your walls.
  7. Star Frames: Add a touch of celestial charm to your creations with these stellar frames.
  8. Decals: Customize your designs with our versatile decal collection.
  9. Frieze Frames: Adorn your projects with ornate frieze frames, exuding sophistication.
  10. Mini Square Panels: Discover delicate roses and plant motifs in compact square designs.
  11. Artistic Triangle Frames: Elevate your projects with a selection of luxurious and eye-catching triangle frames, creating a truly mesmerizing impact.




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