All the items in this website re totally original and a creation of jorge Gonzales. We do not use any trademark name, brand or logos in any place on this website.

If any representation is made on their behalf, they are only for guidance purposes and we do not offer any items that may violate intelectual property rights.

We work hard to produce new designs every year and take into account very importantly the protection of our website by only offering and selling original artistic designs, including cnc wood cut models, embroidery patterns, 3d stl models for engraving and 3d productions, that will offer quality and athenticity to all users and buyers of the website.

There are sometimes in which we hire designers to create extra stl or cnc models, aswell as embroidery designs for our collections. And we may create similar designs to other existing ones, but totally different.

If for any reason. You think that your intelectual property rights might have been involved, Please contact us first to whatsapp or the email: [email protected] with the enpugh information about your work to discuss if there might have been a mistake from our artists. And in some cases we could remove the content from appearing in our internal search results is a mistake is seen from our external designers.