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Welcome to Max Artistic Designs Store

Max Artistic Designs is an online store dedicated to the offer of the best and latest digital files for artistic works addressed to people who make Handmade crafys, begginers in the artistic world and small business all around the world.

In the latest decade the world has seen a boom in artistic works demand, specially those which relate to home decor, general ornaments and embroidery clothes arts like letters and objects for embroidering.

This is why Max Artistic Designs comes to the internet in 2022 to provide unique files made by us, for those small business and artists that are in the need of being supplied with high quality files ready to print and cut among different Arts Categories

My mission is to help people without digital backgrounds build and grow their small business.

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In this store you will be able to find 5 main type of files

1-Embroidery file patterns
2-2d vector bundles
3-3d laser cut vectors for creating puzzles in small to medium scales.
4-3d bas relief files for engraving
5-3d stl files for 3d printer machines


1- Embroidery:

The patterns you will find in this store are original, they come in different file formats like Pes, Jef, XXX and more. But most of all in Pes and their respective images in Jpg.

2- 2D vectors:

These are plain vectors for direct cutting and finish a creation in one step. These are not puzzles for 3d creations in wood or plastic. These designs come in Svg, Eps, Pdf, Cdr, Dxf, Dwg and their reference image in Png or jpg, They appear in their descriptions. //You can use these vectors for wall decoration in wood, metal and other materials, Creatying T-shirt designs using the svg file formats in photoshop, cutting on vynil or printing on them, scrapbooking and many other kind of artcrafts creations you could imagine. These vectors are mainly decorative, of animals, buildings and plants.

3- 3d laser cut vectors: 

These are vectors for creating 3d objects with plains, for cnc, plasma, waterjet cutting machines. These vectors end being constructed into a 3d creation from small puzzle parts. These designs tend to come in dxf, dwg, cdr, svg and pdf. You can work with them on cad programs like illustrator, autocad, corel, and more. From these you can create multiple objects in mini and medium scales, like dinosaurs, cars and buildings

4- 3d bas relief files: 

these models are for carving using a cnc router only. these are in 3d stl format, and also work on 3d printer machines but after generating g code on a cad program like fusion 360. After you carve them you will see a bas relief figure of the model you see in the computer screen. You can carve them on materials like wood most of all. These designs are mostly religious, of wildlife like hunting panels and panels with animal figures in high quality resolution. 

5- 3d stl files for 3d printer machines: 

The files we offer in this store for 3d printing are in stl format only. They can be converted into any other formats too by you with no skill required. These artworks are for printing using 3d printer machines only, using materials like pla, plast, resin, metals and others. The 3d printer files sections include files for furniture, famous personalities busts and figures, jewelry objects like rings, 3d panels, statuettes, dolls, toys, among other well made files. 



Author: Jorge Gonzales. Accountant and Graphic Designer. Former at Max Artistic Designs. Originary from the south and a fan of Arts.