A collection of 10 creative 3D printable serving tray designs compatible with CNC routers and 3D printers. Includes STL files of various creative shapes like stars, chickens, hearts, leaves, bananas and more. Produce unique trays for your kitchen out of wood, plastic or your preferred material!


– File size: 125 MB download
– Individual file sizes range from 32 MB each
– Includes models like a star tray, chicken tray, heart tray, skewer tray and more
– Compatible software: Cura, Slic3r, AstroPrint
– Compatible materials: PLA, ABS, Wood, Acrylic
– Can be used to create artistic serving pieces for food presentation, parties or home decor, customized kitchen decor,
– Tray sizes around 300 and 250 mm. And 40 mm thick all
– Suitable for hobby or commercial 3D printing and CNC projects

Perfect for serving appetizers, desserts, snacks or displaying small kitchen accessories in a stylish way.


Copyright License: This product comes with a personal and commercial use license. You may use these designs for personal or commercial projects for selling the final printed files only. However, you can not create new digital designs with them and resell or distribute themselves in any electronic way, being email, cds, usb disks, websites, links or giving them away.




Max Artistic Designs allows different payment methods such as direct debit and credit cards, paypal and all the payment methods anounced in the site




Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed. Within the downloads section in your account and from the confirmation of purchase email sent to your registered email address




If you have any problem while downloading just send a message to [email protected] and will help you in case of any issue as soon as we can.


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