9+ Fish 3D STL Models with Bas Relief for Artcam Aspire CNC Router – Digital Download

10 fish 3d stl models bas relief for cnc router 3d printer artcam aspire digital download

9+ Fish 3D STL Models with Bas Relief for Artcam Aspire CNC Router – Digital Download


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9+ Fish 3D Model Relief in STL File Format for CNC Router 3D Printer Artcam Aspire Bas Relief – fish relief 3d stl model


This 9+ Fish 3D Model Relief is perfect for artists and hobbyists who want to create unique and detailed designs using their CNC router or 3D printer. The STL file format allows for easy compatibility with popular software programs like Artcam and Aspire, making it simple to import the 3D model and get started on your project right away. The fish relief design is beautifully detailed, with intricate scales and fins that will bring your project to life. Whether you’re creating art pieces, signs, or other decorative items, this 3D model will provide you with the perfect starting point.


Product Specifications

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CNC machine tool model 3D relief for programs such as Artcam, Aspire, and others. Router milling machine The STL file format.


All fish models included:


Marlin fish


Sockeye salmon


Chinese Koi fish

Texas cichlid Fish

Freshwater angelfish




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