64 Pendants for necklace 3d art Jewelry files crafting 3d stl format for cnc routers 3 printers – Download

64 Pendants for necklace 3d art Jewelry files crafting 3d stl format for cnc routers 3 printers

64 Pendants for necklace 3d art Jewelry files crafting 3d stl format for cnc routers 3 printers – Download


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The product is ideal for jewelry makers and numismatists, providing a vast range of designs suitable for crafting unique pendants. The Slavic amulets, in particular, offer a diverse range of cultural designs, while the Souvenir collection includes fun and quirky designs like the Mouse in a Horseshoe and the Horseshoe with Pig 3. The product is compatible with CNC routers, ensuring accurate and high-quality results. The files are in 3D STL format, making them easy to edit and manipulate. The product comes as a digital download, ensuring convenience and flexibility in use.

technical details:

  • File format: 3D STL
  • Models included: 64 pendants, including designs such as Dong Son civilization, Medusa Gorgon Pendant, Slavic amulet Alatyr, Souvenir Cannabis Leaf, and many more
  • Compatibility: CNC routers and 3d printers
  • Usage: Suitable for jewelry crafting and numismatics
  • Delivery method: Digital download

All Models included:

Dong Son civilization
Medallion Opda
Medallion Biohazard
Medallion George the Victorious 2
Medallion Bear 2
Medallion Bear
Medallion Scarab
US medallion
Medusa Gorgon Pendant
Pendant Hammer of Thor
Pendant Hand of mother and child
Pendant with a girl
Slavic pendant
Slavic amulet Alatyr
Slavic amulet Vaiga
Slavic amulet Valkyrie
Slavic amulet Valknut
Slavic amulet Veles
Slavic amulet Tree
Slavic amulet Zhiva
Slavic amulet Krinovy circle
Slavic amulet Lada
Slavic amulet Ladinets
Slavic amulet Pirunica
Slavic amulet Putnik
Slavic amulet Burdock
Slavic amulet Rod
Slavic amulet Svadebnik
Slavic amulet Svaor
Slavic amulet Sventovit
Slavic amulet Svetoch
Slavic amulet Semitsvetik
Slavic amulet Symbol of the race
Slavic amulet Sokol
Slavic amulet Yarilo
Slavic amulet
Souvenir 100 dollars
Souvenir Grandma with Grandpa and accordion
Souvenir Bull 2021
Souvenir for numezmatists Catherine coins
Souvenir Cannabis Leaf
Souvenir Lunnitsa
Souvenir Medallion Wolf 2
Souvenir Medallion Wolf 3
Souvenir Medallion Wolf
Souvenir Mouse in a horseshoe
Souvenir New Year
Souvenir Soaring grandfather
Souvenir Horseshoe with bull 5
Souvenir Horseshoe with horse 2
Souvenir Horseshoe with horse 3
Souvenir Horseshoe with a horse
Souvenir Horseshoe with mouse 2
Souvenir Horseshoe with a mouse
Souvenir horseshoe with a dog
Souvenir Horseshoe with a dog
Souvenir Horseshoe with pig 3
Souvenir Happy Valentine’s Day
Souvenir with roses happy birthday
Souvenir Heart with flowers
Decorative plate
WOT emblem


License: You have full permission to use these designs for both personal and commercial projects. However, please note that the designs themselves cannot be resold or distributed.





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2 reviews for 64 Pendants for necklace 3d art Jewelry files crafting 3d stl format for cnc routers 3 printers – Download

  1. 5 out of 5

    Hannah Carter

    I haven’t been able to get a successful print yet, but I’m sure it’s my error. cx The frames are great looking, and there’s so many! They just keep printing far too thin and snapping, I’m still somewhat of a novice to this~ Resin printing is tricky :p Good files! Great selection!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Amy Andrew

    I downloaded these files to 3D print them. I’ve printed two so far and they came out great! I’m very pleased.

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