46 3d stl bed head boards/foot boards 3d stl files for cnc router/ 3d priner machines – Download

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46 3d stl bed head boards/foot boards 3d stl files for cnc router/ 3d priner machines – Download


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Whether you’re a woodworker looking to add a unique touch to your bedroom furniture projects or a designer seeking inspiration for your next project, our Bed Head Boards/Foot Boards 3D STL files are the perfect addition to your collection.

In summary, our 46 Bed Head Boards/Foot Boards 3D STL files for CNC router/3D printer machines are:

  • File Format: STL
  • Total File Size: 3 GB MB
  • Number of Files: 46 zip files
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most CNC router machines and 3D printers
  • Resolution: High resolution, suitable for excellent detail and quality in the final cut
  • Scale: The files are pre-scaled for easy integration into your projects, but can be resized as needed
  • Layers: The files are designed with multiple layers, providing greater flexibility and customization options for your projects
  • Quality: Each file has been optimized for quality and accuracy, ensuring a flawless final product
  • Models Included: 20 Bed Headboards, 24 Bed Footboards, 1 Bed Headboard and Footboard, and 1 Complete Bed Set
  • Download: The files are available for instant digital download upon purchase.


License: You have full permission to use these designs for both personal and commercial projects. However, please note that the designs themselves cannot be resold or distributed.


Models included:

Bed headboard 20
Bed headboard 21
Bed headboard 22
Bed headboard 23
Bed headboard 24
Bed headboard and footboard 2
Bed headboard and footboard
bed headboard
Bed headboard + footboard
Bed footboard 7
Bed footboard 8
Bed footboard 9
Bed footboard 10
Bed footboard 12
Bed footboard 13
Bed footboard 15
Bed footboard 18
Bed footboard 20
Bed footboard 21
Bed footboard 22
Bed footboard 23
Bed footboard 24
Bed footboard
Bed Niobe headboard
Bed Niobe front
01 Bed
02 Bed headboard and backrest
03 Children’s side bed
04 Bed headboard
05 Bed headboard
06 Bed headboard
07 Bed headboard
08 Bed headboard
09 Bed headboard
10 Bed headboard
11 Bed headboard
12 Bed headboard
13 Bed headboard
14 Bed headboard
15 Bed headboard
16 Bed headboard
17 Bed headboard
18 Bed headboard
19 Bed headboard
Bed headboard 18





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4 reviews for 46 3d stl bed head boards/foot boards 3d stl files for cnc router/ 3d priner machines – Download

  1. 5 out of 5


    I carved these out of bamboo for decor in my wife’s home nail salon and she loves them.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hannah Carter

    I haven’t been able to get a successful print yet, but I’m sure it’s my error. cx The frames are great looking, and there’s so many! They just keep printing far too thin and snapping, I’m still somewhat of a novice to this~ Resin printing is tricky :p Good files! Great selection!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Amy Andrew

    I downloaded these files to 3D print them. I’ve printed two so far and they came out great! I’m very pleased.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jessica Hill

    Use them to make sensory sticks for my students. Turned out great when I made them into reduced rectangle strips.

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