400+ christian religion icons 3d stl models set for CNC Routers – Download

450+ stl 3d models - religion set icons for cnc router artcam aspire cut3d vcarve cnc router

400+ christian religion icons 3d stl models set for CNC Routers – Download


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This Christian religion icons set includes 400+ 3D STL models for CNC routers, perfect for carving wood. Featuring intricate designs of Jesus Christ, apostles, saints, angels, archangels, biblical landscapes, and more. Ideal for religious art and decor projects. Available for instant download.

STL “Religion Collection” 3D Models for Aspire Artcam Cut3D Vcarve CNC Router (450+ pcs).
It is not a physical thing. ONLY INSTANT DOWNLOAD on Google Drive

Compatible with Artcam, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d, and other software.

The models are related to christian religion only: many jesus christ icons,the 12 apostles in single icons, many saint maria alone and with jesus child, the trinity, the last supper, Jesus and Mary in their room with the child Jesus, many crosses with christ, angels, archangels, apocalypse horse, unique square frames to carve with other icons, crosses with archangels killing the devil, landscapes of bible prophetic visions.

– File Size: varies by model (all STL files)
– Models Included: Over 450 individual 3D models
– Compatible Software: Aspire, Cut3D, VCarve, and other CNC router software
– Compatible Materials: Wood (perfect for wood carving and engraving)
– Artistic Works: Religious sculptures, figurines, frames, crosses, shrines, nativity scenes, stained glass windows


Some of the models included:

  1. Jesus Christ on the cross
  2. Apostle Peter holding the keys to heaven
  3. Saint Paul with a sword and a book
  4. Saint John the Baptist holding a lamb
  5. Saint Thomas the Apostle with a spear
  6. Saint Andrew holding a cross
  7. Saint James the Greater with a staff
  8. Saint James the Lesser holding a book
  9. Saint Bartholomew holding a knife
  10. Saint Matthew holding a book and a quill
  11. Saint Philip with a cross
  12. Saint Simon the Zealot with a saw
  13. Saint Jude holding a club
  14. Saint Matthias holding a book
  15. Saint Stephen with stones on his head
  16. Saint Lawrence holding a grill
  17. Saint Sebastian with arrows on his body
  18. Saint George killing the dragon
  19. Saint Michael the Archangel with a sword
  20. Saint Gabriel the Archangel with a lily
  21. Saint Raphael the Archangel with a fish
  22. Mary with the baby Jesus
  23. The Holy Family – Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
  24. The Last Supper – Jesus and the apostles at the table
  25. The Crucifixion – Jesus on the cross with the two thieves
  26. The Resurrection – Jesus rising from the tomb
  27. The Nativity – Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph
  28. The Adoration of the Magi – Three wise men bringing gifts to Jesus
  29. The Baptism of Jesus – John the Baptist baptizing Jesus
  30. The Wedding at Cana – Jesus turning water into wine
  31. The Sermon on the Mount – Jesus teaching the people
  32. The Ten Commandments – Tablets with the commandments written on them
  33. The Good Shepherd – Jesus carrying a lamb
  34. The Parable of the Prodigal Son – Father welcoming the son back home
  35. The Annunciation – Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will bear a child
  36. The Assumption of Mary – Mary ascending to heaven
  37. The Immaculate Conception – Mary conceived without original sin
  38. The Visitation – Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth who is pregnant with John the Baptist
  39. The Flight into Egypt – Mary, Joseph, and Jesus escaping from Herod
  40. The Healing of the Blind Man – Jesus healing a man born blind
  41. The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes – Jesus feeding a multitude with only a few loaves and fishes
  42. The Transfiguration – Jesus with Moses and Elijah
  43. The Garden of Gethsemane – Jesus praying before his arrest
  44. The Way of the Cross – Jesus carrying the cross to his crucifixion
  45. The Pieta – Mary holding the body of Jesus after the crucifixion
  46. The Angel of the Lord – Angel with a sword and shield
  47. The Ark of the Covenant – Chest containing the tablets of the Ten Commandments
  48. The Burning Bush – Bush on fire but not consumed, with God speaking to Moses
  49. The Serpent in the Wilderness – Bronze serpent on a pole, healing those who looked at it
  50. The Rock of Horeb – Rock struck by Moses, producing water in the desert


If you have any questions about these models, ask them.




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