400+ Set STL files for a CNC engraver, busts, historical figures, presidents – Download

400+ piece set of stl files for a cnc engraver, including busts and historical figures from america digital download

400+ Set STL files for a CNC engraver, busts, historical figures, presidents – Download


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This digital product includes over 400 high quality 3D model STL files perfect for CNC engraving and printing. The files feature a variety of historical figurines, statues, and busts with intricate details.

– Over 100 American historical military figurines from various wars
– 75 statue files of historical figures and fictional characters
– 150 bust files of presidents, celebrities, fictional characters, and more
– Additional figurines, arms, podiums, and decorative pieces

File Formats: STL
Software Compatibility: Compatible with all major 3D printing and CNC software
Printers Compatibility: FDM and resin 3D printers, CNC machines
Print Materials: PLA, ABS, resin, wood, metal, wax, foam, and more

This expansive collection allows you to produce stunning engravings, lithophanes, reliefs, sculptures, and more. Perfect for hobbyists, artists, designers, and small businesses. Import these premium 3D models into your preferred software and let your creativity flow!

Included files:

Set of american historical figurines of wars

Figurine American cavalryman 2
Figurine American cavalryman 3
Statuette of an American cavalryman
Figurine American infantryman 2
Figurine American infantryman 3
Figurine American infantryman 4
Figurine American infantryman 5
Figurine American infantryman 6
Figurine American infantryman 7
Figurine American infantryman 8
Figurine American infantryman 9
Figurine American infantryman 10
Statuette of an American infantryman
Statuette American artillery piece
Figurine American artilleryman 3
Figurine American artilleryman 4
Figurine American artilleryman 5
Figurine American artilleryman 6
Figurine American artilleryman.0
Statuette of an American artilleryman
Figurine American Indian warrior with a gun 2
Figurine American Indian warrior with a gun 3
Figurine American Indian warrior with a gun 4
Statuette of an American Indian warrior with a gun
Figurine American Indian equestrian warrior 2
Figurine American Indian equestrian warrior
Statuette of an American Indian mounted archer
Figurine American Indian Warrior 2
Figurine American Indian warrior
Figurine American Indian archer 2
Statuette of an American Indian archer

folder 3 Statues


folder 4 Busts


Models included:

Bust 2
Bust of Evil Lord
Bust Mr White
Bust of Thevius
Bust of Bach
Bust of Beethoven
Bust of Boba Fett
Bust of Brienne
Bust of Brad Pitt
Bust Bapman
Bust Bapman 2
Bust Bapman
Bust of Washington
Bust of the Witcher
Bust Wolf
Bust Gagarin
Bust of Geralt
Bust of Gerasimov
Bust Hitler
Bust of Hitler 2
Bust Gollum 2
Bust of Gollum
Bust of Gorilla
Bust of Groot
Bust of Darwin
Bust of Darth Vader
Bust of a girl
Bust of Daenerys Targaryen
Bust of Jack Sparrow
Bust Joker
Bust of John Garrett
Bust of George Washington in the style of a Roman emperor
Bust of Dostoevsky
Bust Zombie
Bust of Yennefer
Bust of Jesus
Bust Indian
Bust of Cumberbatch
Bust of Captain Titarenko(Maestro)
Bust of King Kong
Bust of Kong
Bust of Kutuzov
Bust of Lenin 2 pcs
Bust of Lenin 2
Bust of Lenin
Bust of Leonardo Davinci
Bust of baby Groot
Bust of the Mandalorian
Bust of Mao
Bust of Marx
Bust Master Yoda 2
Bust of Master Yoda
Bust Bear 2
Bust Bear
Bust of the Minotaur
Bust of Moran
Bust of Mary Arsis
Bust of Napoleon
Bust of Nefertiti
Bust Nicholas 2
Bust of Obama
Bust of an orc berserker
Bust of Peggy Carter
Bust of Pinhead
Bust of Pushkin
Bust Rey
Bust of Sandor Clegane
Bust Skeleton
Bust of Snape
Bust Stalin 2
Bust Stalin 3
Bust Stalin
Bust of Suvorov
Bust of Judge Dredd
Bust Superman
Bust Terminator
Bust of Tesla
Bust of Wukong
Bust of Fester
Bust of Fidel Castro
Bust of Frankenstein
Bust of the Keeper of the Crypt
Bust of Caesar
Bust of a gypsy woman
Bust of Chegevar
Bust Aliens-They Live 2
Bust Aliens-They Live
Bust Elf 2
Bust Elf
Bust Einstein 2
Bust Einstein
Bust of Ernest Rutherford
ram head
Pinocchio’s head
Figurine platform 2
Figurine platform 3
Figurine platform 4
Figurine platform 5
Figurine platform 6
Figurine platform 7
Figurine platform 8
figurine platform
Bust podium 2
bust podium
Figurine Buran Energy-M
Figurine 2
Figurine 3 skulls
Statuette March 8
Figurine Artisan Guild fighter
Figurine Kai`Sa
Figurine Overwatch
Sreex figurine
Figurine Adam
Figurine Amazon
Statuette Cupid and Psyche
Figurine Anakin 2
Figurine Anakin
Figurine Angel 2
Figurine Angel 3
Figurine Angel 4
Figurine Angel 5
Figurine Angel 6
Figurine Angel without a face
Figurine Angel of Death
Figurine Angel
Figurine Angel on a mushroom
Figurine Anibus
Figurine Antique Chinese
Figurine Anubis
Figurine Apollo 2
Figurine of Apollo
Figurine Arnold
Figurine Asuna Yuuki 2
Figurine of Asuna Yuuki
Figurine Atlant 2
Statuette Atlant
Athena figurine
Statuette Balalaeshnik
Statuette Ballad of stallions
Statuette Bacchus
Figurine Belevor
Figurine Squirrel
Figurine Bodybuilder
Statuette Bodhisattva
Figurine Fighting Frog 2
Figurine Fighting Frog
Figurine War Ram
Statuette of Brahma
Buddha figurine
Figurine Bapman 3.0
Figurine Bapman with a gun
Figurine Valkyrie 2
Figurine Valkyrie
Statuette Barbarian
Figurine Giant-eater
Statuette of Venus and Cupid
Figurine Venus de Milo 2
Statue of Venus de Milo
Statuette of Venus kissing Cupid
figurine viking
Figurine Lovers
Figurine Barbarian Warrior
Figurine Warrior
Figurine Raven on turtles
Figurine Resurrected Christ
Statuette of Galatea
Statue of Ganymede and the Eagle of Jupiter
Statuette Harem
Statuette Herald
Statuette of Hercules with Telephae
Statuette of Hephaestus
Statuette Bay
Figurine Dwarf with pickaxe
Figurine Dwarf with a pipe
Figurine Dwarf
Statuette of a naked woman
Figurine Velociraptor Head
Figurine Elk Head
Figurine Head of a king
Goro figurine
Figurine Horse-drawn donkey
Statuette David
Figurine Lady 2
Figurine Lady
Figurine Darth Vader 2
Figurine Darth Vader
Statuette of the Virgin Mary
Figurine Bard Girl
Figurine girl warrior
Figurine Girl with a jug
Figurine Girl with a tray
Figurine girl
Statuette Santa Claus
Figurine Pen Holder
Statuette Dzerzhinsky
Statuette of Dionysius
Figurine Dryad 2
Dryad figurine
Figurine Eva
Figurine Egyptian statue of a girl
Figurine Egyptian camel
Figurine Egyptian sarcophagus
Figurine Egyptian Sphinx
figurine unicorn
Statuette of female charms
Statuette of a woman Rey Stahl Walker
Figurine Woman with a vase
Statuette of a woman with a jug
Statue of a female warrior in an exoskeleton
Figurine Dwarf Woman Warrior
Figurine Catwoman
Statuette of Zabivak
Figurine Hare with a carrot
Figurine Evil mage
Figurine Zombie TRex
Figurine Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen
Figurine Game of Thrones Eddard Stark
Figurine Game of Thrones Jaime Lannister
Figurine Game of Thrones Jon Snow NightWatch
Figurine Game of Thrones Jon Snow
Figurine Game of Thrones Khal Drogo
Figurine Game of Thrones Oberyn Martell
Figurine Game of Thrones SANSA on the throne
Figurine Game of Thrones The Hound
Figurine Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister
Statue of Jesus in Mary’s arms
Statue of Jesus at the stone in prayer
figurine jesus
Figurine Yondu Udonta 2
Statuette of Yondu Udonta
Statuette of Karl Marx
Figurine Dwarf
Figurine Chinese girl
Figurine Queen Werewolf
Figurine King
Figurine of Rats 2
Figurine of Rat 3
Figurine of rats
Statuette of Lagerthe
Figurine Lion 2
Figurine Lion with wings
Figurine Lion
Figurine Horse
Figurine Archer
Statuette of Luke Skywalker

Figurine Mage
Figurine Madona
Figurine Baby Yoda
Figurine Boy with goose
Figurine Boy with a splinter
Statuette Maria
Figurine Bear 2
Figurine Bear
Figurine Baby in the palm
Figurine Man 2
Figurine Man 3
Figurine Man 4
Statuette of a man on a bed
Figurine Man with a jug
Statuette of a man with a tray
Figurine Man
Statuette Muse Andre Chénier
Figurine Mouse with coins
Figurine Stranger
Figurine Neptune
Statuette of the Nymph Salmacis
Figurine Nymph
Rhino Figurine
Figurine Nude girl 2
Figurine Nude girl 3
Figurine Nude girl 4
Figurine Nude girl 5
Statuette of a naked girl on a ball
Statuette of a naked girl with a violin
Figurine Nude girl
Statuette of a naked woman
Statuette Werewolf 2
Statuette Werewolf 3
Statuette Werewolf 4
Statuette Werewolf 5
Statuette Werewolf 6
Statuette Werewolf 7
Statuette Werewolf 8
Statuette Werewolf
Statuette of a dressed woman
Figurine Lamentation of Christ
Figurine Eagle 2
Figurine Eagle 3
Statuette Eagle
Oscar figurine
Figurine Panther Hunter
Statuette Peacock on a branch
Statuette Paladin
Figurine Panther Orc
Figurine Guy and mermaid
Figurine Soaring girl
Statuette Primitive Man
Statuette Fortune Teller
Figurine Ghost 2
Figurine Ghost 3
Figurine Ghost 4
Figurine Ghost 5
Figurine Ghost 6
Statuette Ghost
Figurine Ghost Rider
Figurine Alien
Puma figurine
Figurine Putin boxer
Figurine Putin on a bear
Statuette Worker and Collective Farm Woman
Figurine Baby Yoda
Figurine Roaring Bear
Figurine Motherland
Statuette of Roscoe Goodsong
Figurine Hands with a rosary
Figurine Hand
Figurine Mermaid
Statuette of Ruslan
Statuette of a Russian soldier
Statuette of a knight with a shield
Figurine Knight
Statuette of Santa
Statue of Sauron in a cloak with a cat
Statue of Sauron in a cloak
Figurine of Sauron with a cat
Figurine Sauron
Figurine Svarog
Statuette of the Seraphim
Figurine Skeleton T-rex
Figurine Snow Maiden
Figurine dog with a puppy
Figurine Dog
Figurine Owl 2
Figurine Owl 3
Figurine Owl 4
Figurine Owl
Figurine Catfish in the style of a crow
Figurine Sleeping Bacchante
Figurine Sleeping Pan
Figurine Sleeping Shepherd
Statue of Liberty
Figurine Sphinx cat
Figurine body of a girl
Figurine Dark Phoenix
Figurine Dark Elf
Figurine Terminator on a motorcycle
Figurine Terminator T-800
Figurine Terminator T-1000.5
Figurine Terminator
Statuette of Uddir Thunderbolt
Statue of Freddy Krueger
Figurine Predator
Statuette of Horus
Statuette of Christ with a cross
Figurine Christ
Figurine Skull
Halloween Skull Figurine
Figurine Turtle for adults
Figurine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello
Figurine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo
Figurine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo
Figurine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael
Figurine Skull Terminator Rex
Figurine Black Panther
Figurine Warlock
Statue of Evendil Jennal
Figurine Elf Druid
Figurine Elf
Figurine Elf Archer
Figurine of Juno with baby Hercules
Figurine Apple Eve
Figurine Poison Ivy
Statuette of Jason and the Golden Fleece
Figurine-chess King
Statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva
Statue Angel
Annubis statue
Statue Greek slave
Statue of James Garfield
Lion statue for ladders
Statue Motherland
The Statue of Liberty
Statue of Stalin in full growth
A statue
Lion head shield


High quality models! All models can be easily found.



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