Set I of 35+ 3d stl models for basrelief metal work for CNC router 3d printer – Download

3d stl models 39 pcs basrelief metal work for cnc router artcam aspire set

Set I of 35+ 3d stl models for basrelief metal work for CNC router 3d printer – Download


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39 basrelief metal work 3d stl models for cnc router artcam aspire set


This product is a digital download of Set I of 35+ 3D STL models for bas-relief metal work for CNC router 3D printers. These bas-relief models are perfect for creating intricate and detailed metal work projects such as plaques, signs, and decorative pieces. With their highly detailed and realistic design, these models will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your projects.

Technical Details:

  • File format: STL (Standard Tessellation Language)
  • Compatibility: These files are compatible with most CNC routers and 3D printers.
  • Dimensions: The models vary in size and dimensions, but they are all suitable for medium-sized projects.
  • Resolution: The models are high resolution, ensuring excellent detail and accuracy in your finished product.
  • File size: The download file size is approximately 500 MB.


Models included:

  1. Egypt_Cat_With_Home
  2. keyholder: a person who holds a key or has responsibility for keys
  3. lady_wamp: lady vampire
  4. leo-frame: lion frame
  5. forest house
  6. Mayan civilization
  7. bear
  8. bears
  9. Michelangelo Buonarroti
  10. MoneyLenders: people or organizations that lend money
  11. Moscow
  12. hunting panel
  13. hunters
  14. oldman_owl: old man owl
  15. eagle wolf
  16. tapestry lions
  17. panther cap
  18. the song of the deaf man
  19. Rooster 093
  20. pond: a small body of still water
  21. Spring: the season between winter and summer
  22. picture frame aunt
  23. fishing
  24. novels
  25. hand
  26. St. Mark’s, a basilica in Venice, Italy)
  27. fairy tales
  28. birdhouse
  29. dog pheasant
  30. owl
  31. Tazhmakhal: a village in Dagestan, Russia
  32. zodiac
  33. lighthouse


And more designs you can see them all in the detailed picture.




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