20+ 3d STL Rectangle frames For wood Wall Projects Relief Models for CNC Router Machines – Download

24pcs set square frame 3d model stl relief for cnc stl format frame 3d relief model.jpg

20+ 3d STL Rectangle frames For wood Wall Projects Relief Models for CNC Router Machines – Download


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Downloadable set of 24 3D rectangle and square wall frame STL models compatible with CNC routers and artistic design software for DIY woodworking projects.
24 3D wall frame 3d stl modelsfor CNC machining artistic works. Files are compatible with routing software to shape decorative pieces out of wood, plastics, aluminum. Ideal for one-of-a-kind geometric wall art, panels, displays.


• Includes 19 rectangle and 5 square 3D relief frame models
• STL file format
• Designed for CNC routers, ArtCam, Type3, JD Paint, etc.
• File sizes ranging from 20 mb to 50MB
• Printable materials: wood, MDF, acrylic, metals, foam
• Ideal for artistic wood wall frames, murals, decor pieces
• CNC production methods: routing, engraving, cutting, carving

Ideas include artistic wall displays, statement decor, photo displays, signs and custom home accents


This model may not be sold in order to be distributed. Only for personal use. Model cannot be made available to third parties in any format, including a CD, DVD, or by uploading it to a website or ftp site or sending it electronically. Make sure you can import (not just open) the model before you purchase it.



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