211 3d stl models of bas-reliefs for use with Artcam, CNC printers – Download

210 3d stl models bas-relief collection for cnc relief artcam 3d printer

211 3d stl models of bas-reliefs for use with Artcam, CNC printers – Download

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This product is a collection of 210 3D STL models of bas-reliefs that can be used with Artcam and CNC printers. These models are available for immediate download and offer a wide variety of designs suitable for a range of artistic and decorative projects.

This collection contains 211.STL files for CNC routers, 3D printers, and other similar devices.

100% STL Models for CNC Routers and 3D Printers:

Compatible with Artcam, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d, and other software.

This product includes a collection of 211 3D STL models of bas-reliefs, which can be used with Artcam and CNC printers. The panels feature a variety of mixed images, including artistic and cultural representations from the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, modern art panels featuring floral arrangements, houses, windmills, and love symbols such as Cupid. Additionally, the panels depict scenes from the Christian religion, providing a diverse and comprehensive range of options for users to choose from. With the ability to download these models, users can easily incorporate them into their creative projects, adding an extra dimension of beauty and complexity to their designs.


  • File type: STL
  • Total number of files: 211
  • Compatible with CNC printers
  • Suitable for creating bas-reliefs
  • Designed for use with software such as Artcam
  • Can be used with various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal
  • High level of detail and intricacy in the designs
  • Files can be resized to fit the user’s needs
  • Each file is ready for download and immediate use
  • Suitable for both hobbyists and professionals in the art and design industry
  • Compatible with a range of CNC routers and 3d printers, ensuring flexibility and ease of use

Some of the models included:

  1. Egyptian pharaohs
  2. Greek goddesses
  3. Roman emperors and soldiers
  4. Modern art sculptures
  5. Wildlife like elephants, deer, and birds
  6. Cityscapes
  7. Fantasy creatures like unicorns
  8. Famous landmarks such as moscow capital and taj mahal
  9. Ancient civilizations like the Mayans and Aztecs
  10. Religious figures like the Buddha, Ganesh, saint mary mother of god
  11. Musical instruments such as violins
  12. Medieval castles and knights
  13. Sports icons like football
  14. Mythological monsters like Medusa
  15. Fruit and vegetable arrangements
  16. Historical events like the christ death
  17. Wild West inspired scenes with cowboys and saloons
  18. Flowers and botanical designs
  19. Famous quotes or inspirational sayings
  20. Dystopian future landscapes
  21. Sea creatures like fishes
  22. Pirate ships and treasure chests
  23. witches
  24. 100 dollar banknote

and many more designs related to mythical scenes and historical buildings that hava had a mythical meaning during the history.

Bring magical projects to life with this set.




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