170+ Floral arrangements, roses, flowers cnc vectors pack svg dxf eps – Download

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170+ Floral arrangements, roses, flowers cnc vectors pack svg dxf eps – Download


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Elevate your artistic endeavors with our exquisite ‘170+ Floral Arrangements, Roses, Flowers CNC Vectors Pack.’ This collection of 175 highly detailed and intricate rose and flower vectors is designed to bring beauty and elegance to your creative projects. With a commercial use license, you can confidently incorporate these floral masterpieces into your final works for sale or personal use.


  • Short Description: Delight in the beauty of nature with our stunning ‘170+ Floral Arrangements, Roses, Flowers CNC Vectors Pack.’ This versatile collection of 175 highly detailed rose and flower vectors is perfect for a myriad of artistic projects, including wall decor, engraving, stickers, printings, scrapbooking, and more.
  • File Size: The files are resizable to suit any scale, ensuring the flexibility to adapt the size of these intricate floral designs to fit your specific projects. The download size is approximately 85.6 MB, allowing for quick and convenient access.
  • File Formats: Compatible with various design software and CNC machines, the vector files are available in DXF, DWG, SVG, EPS, PDF, and PNG formats. Compatible software includes:
    • AutoCAD
    • CorelDRAW
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Inkscape
    • And other design software capable of opening DXF or SVG files.
  • Models Included: Immerse yourself in the beauty of 175 highly detailed floral vectors, featuring roses, flowers, and sunflowers in various positions. The collection offers an array of stemmed and stemless floral arrangements, with and without leaves, as well as wall decor panels for added versatility.
  • Compatible Machines: Perfect for use with laser cutters, plasma cutters, and waterjet machines, allowing for precise and intricate cutting of the floral designs. These vectors are also compatible with other printing methods and materials, including:
    • Vinyl printing for exquisite floral stickers and decals.
    • Scrapbooking for adding an elegant touch to photo albums and memory books.
    • Wood engraving for crafting stunning wooden wall decor with intricate floral motifs.
    • And more.
  • Types of Works: Unleash your creativity with these highly detailed floral vectors, suitable for a wide range of artistic works:
    • Engraved floral designs for elegant wooden wall hangings.
    • Delicate floral stickers and decals for personalized belongings.
    • Intricate floral printings for stunning T-shirt designs.
    • Scrapbooking embellishments to add charm and beauty to your projects.
    • And countless other possibilities to infuse your creations with the allure of nature.

Conclusion: Capture the essence of nature’s beauty with our ‘170+ Floral Arrangements, Roses, Flowers CNC Vectors Pack.’ This versatile collection of 175 highly detailed floral vectors allows you to bring the timeless elegance of roses, flowers, and sunflowers to a wide range of creative projects. The personal and commercial use license empowers you to transform your artistic visions into reality with these stunning floral designs. Enhance your projects with intricate floral motifs, and explore the limitless possibilities that await your creative expression!





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