“Bas-relief collection” 109 3D STL decor models for CNC Artcam 3D Printer – Download

100 3d stl models - " bas-relief collection " for cnc artcam 3d printer aspire

“Bas-relief collection” 109 3D STL decor models for CNC Artcam 3D Printer – Download


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This collection contains 109.STL files for CNC routers, 3D printers, and other similar devices.

This enormous collection features 109 3D STL decor models, with a variety of sizes, styles and textures. Every model is ready to be printed out using your CNC Artcam 3D Printer. You can create unique decorative pieces to embellish any number of projects.

The Bas-relief Collection makes it easy to transform any area with one-of-a-kind décor. All of the models can be made from the highest quality materials and designed with attention to detail. There is an array of models to choose from, such as animals, trees, ships, flowers, and more.

100% STL Models for CNC Routers and 3D Printers:

Compatible with Artcam, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d, and other software.


Models included:

    1. horse with hair
    2. female horse with cute hair
    3. horse inside close up
    4. embossed horse head
    5. Mermaid with jellyfish tentacles and woman’s body
    6. bunch of grapes panel
    7. vase with sunflowers
    8. Artistic panel with dinner utensils and fruits, vase, cup.
    9. Violin panel and wine bottle
    10. Panel of vases and vases
    11. Panel of long flowers and sunflowers
    12. Picture panel with mystic tree branch
    13. Picture panel with tree branch and bird
    14. Picture panel with branch and canary bird
    15. Picture panel with branch and hummingbird bird
    16. 3 panels painting of natural landscapes with peacock birds
    17. 15 different artistic panels with tree branches and birds.
    18. 3 Panel Stylish Home Dining Room Table with Flower Vases and Fruit Plates
    19. panel with flying swans
    20. Panel of grouper fish swimming underwater
    21. Salmon fish in natural landscape of trees and coming out from under the water
    22. Swordfish in the middle of a school of fish
    23. mermaid with fish fins taking rest
    24. Panel of hunting dogs with their master and a rifle
    25. painting with moose scaring away dogs
    26. Picture with a gold fish
    27. Painting with landscape of 3 soldiers 2nd world war
    28. Artistic panel example of the war with two soldiers on the side.
    29. artistic mirror panel with elephant
    30. Picture panel with thinking eagle and wolf in front
    31. painting with flying eagle and wolf on the floor in artistic relief
    32. Coyote with a dead bird in its mouth
    33. exotic painting of 4 tree sticks with rabbit eating
    34. Squirrel branch nest box
    35. Landscape of squirrel eating wood under a pine forest
    36. 4 Panels of a woman with a white dress in gold amid branches of mythical trees
    37. Roman war palace panel with horses
    38. painting of three women: angel, woman on a giant clam and another with long hair
    39. Panel painting of an angel shaking hands with a naked man
    40. 5 different panels with women and angels
    41. panel of god zeus with his son
    42. Panel painting of ancient war elephants
    43. Forest landscape with swan flying sideways
    44. Running horse painting
    45. Abstract panel with a woman’s face shedding a tear
    46. Egyptian painting with 4 women and two men
    47. oval icon of virgin mary with hers her son jesus
    48. painting with violin, wine barrel and wine glasses
    49. Embossed picture of coffee grinder and utensils
    50. Roman chariot panel with soldiers and 3 horses
    51. Primitive man and woman panel
    52. 3 different panels of sailing ships at sea
    53. Full horse panel with abundant tail and crest
    54. Landscape of nomad in mount himalayas
    55. Invented artistic animals looking inside a street of buildings
    56. rocky mountains landscape
    57. rock landscape
    58. Meadow landscape with trees
    59. landscape of dead trees on rocks
    60. pine landscape
    61. moose animal in oval frame
    62. Eagle flying over pine forest
    63. Horses in a stable in the background
    64. Cup of coffee
    65. grandfather bathing
    66. Grandpa drinking beer with big glass over beer keg
    67. Art panel of naked woman bathing
    68. Artistic painting of a couple living together in a wooden cabin
    69. Mermaid with long embossed hair
    70. panel of grandfather with grandmother
    71. Panel painting of two underwater fish
    72. 2 meerkats natural panel
    73. wolf fighting bear in forest
    74. squirrel climbing a tree
    75. painting of bear with two wolves watching
    76. Prairie Dog Head Panel
    77. Landscape of lioness hunting zebra
    78. two bears without landscape mother and son
    79. two moose against heads
    80. Luxurious antique dinner table
    81. Luxurious vase painting
    82. flat fish painting
    83. horse painting on two legs
    84. Mermaid painting on the beach


    112 Models in total






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