how to generate gcode for cnc 3d stl bas relief files?

How to generate g-code for cnc 3d stl bas relief files?



There are several ways to generate G-code for CNC 3D STL bas-relief files, but one common method is as follows:

1) Start by importing your STL file into a CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software. This software will allow you to convert the 3D model into machine-readable G-code.

2) Choose the appropriate toolpath strategy for your project. This could be a 2D roughing and finishing strategy for a bas-relief or a 3D toolpath strategy for a more complex surface.

3) Set the tool diameter, speed, and other parameters for the machine.

4) Use the software to simulate the toolpath to ensure that it will cut the model correctly.

5) Save the G-code file, which can be loaded into your CNC machine's control software to begin cutting the bas-relief.

6) CAM software options include MeshCAM, Fusion360, RhinoCAM, Vectric Aspire, etc.

7) It's always advisable to check for the compatibility of your software with your CNC machine and to be familiar with the CNC machine's instruction manual before generating the gcode.