Can I customize or modify the purchased files?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage customers to customize and modify the purchased files to meet their specific needs and preferences. You have the freedom to add extra details such as texts, modify the size and texture, and make any necessary adjustments to suit your project requirements.

Please note that while you are allowed to customize and modify the files for your personal use or for creating unique printed models, you are not permitted to resell or distribute the original files themselves. However, you have full rights to sell the final printed models that you have customized. By adding extra features such as colors, decorations, your logo, and other complementing designs, you can ensure that your creations are distinct and unique, allowing you to hold the copyright of the new creations and avoid any confusion with other sellers in the same industry.

We value your creativity and want to empower you to bring your unique visions to life using our files. Feel free to unleash your imagination and make the designs truly your own while respecting the limitations on the resale of the original files.

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